Lisa Pink Groom

Pioneer in a hybrid working world - Lisa Rosa Groom with nuwo 

The future of work is hybrid: The number of employees doing hybrid work almost doubled during the Corona period. This is exactly where Lisa Rosa Brautigam started and started with nuwo at an ideal time. 

Taner Karadagli

For the love of baking: Tan's bread boutique.

Especially in a bread country like Germany, there is a lack of traditionally handcrafted bread. It was time to revive this tradition and close the market gap in Mannheim. As a master baker and cook, Taner Karadagli combines different tastes in his bread baking.


Amelie Vermeer and Julia Piechotta 

Edible spoons for a sustainable future

When Amelie and Julia dealt with plastic alternatives during their studies, they came up with the idea of ​​replacing the plastic spoons with a sustainable, edible alternative while eating ice cream. Today, the startup Spoontainable already produces several edible spoons.


Maximilian and Konstantin Wilk, AQON Pure, Bensheim


From the beginning, our motivation was to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional limescale protection systems. Within 3 years, we were able to build up a network of over 160 installation companies throughout Germany, who professionally install AQON Pure at our customers' premises if requested.

Viola Weller, founder of VLACE, Ludwigshafen

Individuality in every detail

Viola Weller offers satin laces in different colors in her online shop and thus offers the possibility to design your own sneakers individually. Her attention to detail is reflected in her shop and product.


Alexa Nießen, practice for physiotherapy, Mannheim

Get well through rest

Alexa Nießen actually only wanted to bridge the waiting time for her medical studies, but working with patients inspired her so much that her studies quickly took a back seat. In order to meet the needs of her patients and her passion for the profession, Alexa Nießen opened her practice in Mannheim in July 20219. 

Martin Müller, inventor of the DR! FT Racer, founder of Sturmkind GmbH, Speyer.


Over 30.000 have already been sold, more than 100.000 racing and gaming enthusiasts are following him and his invention via social media and the crowdfunding goal of his current Kickstarter campaign "DR! FT - next level" was reached within 20 minutes: Martin Müller is the successful founder and managing director of Sturmkind GmbH in Speyer and visionary inventor of the DR! FT-Racer - awarded the German Developer Prize in the Innovation category in 2018.


Harald Gerhard, Gerhard Trade & Consulting GmbH, Bensheim.


“You have convinced me - I will koofe two!” Harald Gerhard will never forget this key experience at the first trade fair presentation at Velo Berlin: the idea and development of his indicator glove worked. The 72-year-old industrial engineer, known nationwide through his appearance in the VOX show “Die Höhle des Löwen”, founded his company in Bensheim in 2016 in order to develop a marketable product from his idea.

Jennifer Lapidakis, STRONG GmbH, Mannheim


It all started with a problem: my make-up kept smearing when I was doing sports and there was no product on the market that survived everyday life and sports. But many women usually go directly from work to sports and often have no time or do not want to remove their make-up beforehand. This is how Jennifer Lapidakis developed the smudge-proof, water-proof and sweat-proof sports cosmetics brand STRONG fitness cosmetics.

Dieter Lendle, goNetto GmbH, Bensheim


We are concerned with the separation of insurance and consulting services. Customers should no longer automatically pay for advice that in many cases they do not even take advantage of.
“In Germany, consumers pay 14,5 billion euros in commissions for their insurance every year. That's why the idea of ​​starting with commission-free net tariffs immediately electrified me, ”says Dieter Lendle. The 57-year-old is the founder and managing director of goNetto GmbH from Bensheim.