Successfully STARTING UP

Here you will find information and things worth knowing about the topic of founding as well as contacts to relevant contact points, helpful sources and links.

Idea & strategy

Business plan & business model canvas

As a central planning tool for every start-up, the business plan describes the business idea, measures and goals. A clear alternative for visualizing and developing business models is the Business Model Canvas, developed in 2008.

Establish legally correct

Form of incorporation & legal

From start-up to spin-off, franchise or freelance, subcontractor or part-time: The forms of establishment are diverse - and professional legal advice on the choice of the legal form, for the protection of brands and ideas, employment contracts, etc. is of fundamental importance.

Stable foundation

Financing & funding

Once the start-up capital has been determined, an individual financing plan must be drawn up. Whether crowdfunding, venture capital, equity or microloans: With which funding do the federal, state and EU support? House or promotional bank: Who can provide competent advice here?

On the safe side

Taxes & Insurance

Which taxes are relevant for founders, self-employed and freelancers? How can taxes be saved, what about accounting, tax returns and business reports? Not to forget: necessary company insurance and personal protection.

Find customers, inspire customers

marketing & Distribution

Target groups, the market and competition are analyzed. But which channels do I have to use, how, where and with which messages in order to reach customers and bind them to my company? Do I need professional marketing support and what are the costs of setting up sales?

Hardly any duties, the big freestyle

Liberal professions

"... the personal, responsible and professionally independent provision of services of a higher kind in the interests of the client and the general public ...". Doctors, pilots, commercial chemists, journalists? Who and what are freelancers and is it worthwhile to include?

The nest made

Business Succession

Turnover from day one, the company is established, the customer database is well filled, the team has been incorporated: takeover and succession of an existing company are exciting. The offer is huge: in Baden-Württemberg alone, around 21.700 companies are preparing a succession.

What will the morning bring

Industries of the future

"Invest in the future, invest in growth, in permanent, increasing demand ...". From a long-term perspective, the energy, healthcare, artificial intelligence and autonomous mobility sectors are currently promising good business. Good reasons to start up?