Roadmap for setting up your business

August 2021
"If you want to start a business, a strategic financial partner is of crucial importance so that you and your company can be successful in the long term. To achieve this you need a partner who has this important role in the areas of financial services and investment even before the start-up / Financing ".

Benefit from networks of possible partners as well as regional and internal industry knowledge.

Together with your house bank, draw up a "timetable" for setting up your own business. Even before founding your company, the topics of payment transactions, online banking applications, online payment systems or interfaces to your own software can be of decisive importance. In this early phase, your house bank can provide cost-saving assistance.

In addition to other donors such as investors, crowd funding measures or business angels, you will also find support when it comes to supplying the required external capital, because the most important part of starting a business is secure and timely financial planning. This is particularly the case with start-ups and business takeovers in established industries with corresponding market shares and experience.

Ask your house bank about public financial institutions (KfW, L-Bank, Guarantee Bank, etc.) and possibly network partners who can also offer valuable solutions and play an important role as a lender. "

Martin Wiedemann, business customer advisor at Wiesloch corporate bank
Volksbank Kraichgau
+49 6222 / 589-3078